Guy Writes The Greatest Complaint Letter Ever To Airline For Having To...

Guy Writes The Greatest Complaint Letter Ever To Airline For Having To Sit Next To An Obese Person On Flight


Guy deserves a lifetime of free flights for this masterpiece of a letter.

funny airline complaint

Dear Jetstar,

Do you like riddles? I do, that’s why I’m starting this letter with one. What weighs more than a Suzuki Swift, less than a Hummer and smells like the decaying anus of a deceased homeless man? No idea? How about, what measures food portions in kilograms and has the personal hygiene of a French prostitute? Still nothing? Right, one more try. What’s fat as fuck, stinks like shit and should be forced to purchase two seats on a Jetstar flight? That’s right, it’s the man I sat next to under on my flight from Perth to Sydney yesterday.

As I boarded the plane, I mentally high-fived myself for paying the additional $25 for an emergency seat. I was imagining all that extra room, when I was suddenly distracted by what appeared to be an infant hippopotamus located halfway down the aisle. As I got closer, I was relieved to see that it wasn’t a dangerous semi-aquatic African mammal, but a morbidly obese human being. However, this relief was short-lived when I realised that my seat was located somewhere underneath him.

Soon after I managed to burrow into my seat, I caught what was to be the first of numerous fetid whiffs of body odour. His scent possessed hints of blue cheese and Mumbai slum, with nuances of sweaty flesh and human faeces sprayed with cologne – Eau No. Considering I was visibly under duress, I found it strange that none of the cabin crew offered me another seat. To be fair, it’s entirely possible that none of them actually saw me. Perhaps this photo will jog their memories.

Pinned to my seat by a fleshy boulder, I started preparing for a 127 Hours-like escape. Thankfully though, the beast moved slightly to his left, which allowed me to stand up, walk to the back of the plane and politely ask the cabin crew to be seated elsewhere. I didn’t catch the names of the three flight attendants, but for the purpose of this letter, I’ll call them: Chatty 1, Chatty 2 and Giggly (I’ve given them all the same surname – Couldnotgiveashit). After my request, Chatty 1 and Chatty 2 continued their conversation, presumably about how shit they are at their jobs, and Giggly, well, she just giggled. I then asked if I could sit in one of the six vacant seats at the back of the aircraft, to whichGiggly responded, “hehehe, they’re for crew only, hehehe“. I think Giggly may be suffering from some form of mental impairment.

I tried to relocate myself without the assistance of the Couldnotgiveashit triplets, but unfortunately everyone with a row to themselves was now lying down. It was then I realised that my fate was sealed. I made my way back to Jabba the Hutt and spent the remainder of the flight smothered in side-boob and cellulite, taking shallow breaths to avoid noxious gas poisoning. Just before landing, I revisited the back of the plane to use the toilet. You could imagine my surprise when I saw both “crew only” rows occupied by non-crew members. I can only assume Giggly let them sit there after she forgot who she was and why she’s flying on a big, shiny metal thing in the sky.

Imagine going out for dinner and a movie, only to have your night ruined by a fat mess who eats half your meal then blocks 50% of the screen. Isn’t that exactly the same as having someone who can’t control their calorie intake occupying half your seat on a flight? Of course it is, so that’s why I’m demanding a full refund of my ticket, including the $25 for an emergency row seat.

I’m also looking to be compensated for the physical pain and mental suffering caused by being enveloped in human blubber for four hours. My lower back is in agony and I had to type this letter one-handed as I’m yet to regain full use of my left side. If I don’t recover completely, I’ll have to say goodbye to my lifelong dream of becoming Air Guitar World Champion. If that occurs, you will pay.

To discuss my generous compensation package, email me at: [Redacted], or tweet me at: @RichWisken

No regards,

Rich Wisken.



  1. That’s awesome, but the photo obviously doesn’t go with the letter.
    The people in the photo aren’t in an emergency seat.

    • yeah, cause that’s what’s REALLY wrong with the photo. Nothing at all to do with the fact the man managed to get a photo of himself sitting next to Ben Nevis.. how did he manage to get a photo from the back of the plane while still remaining sat next to the mess?

    • That doesnt look like a Jeststar plane. Jetstar has brown leather seats so don’t think this is real…photoshop?

      • Really??? Photoshop?? F@ck!! It is just not the same picture mentioned in the letter… entertainment’s sake. Jeez

    • This is the most poetic bullying I’ve ever seen. Someone is praised for talking about another HUMAN BEING like this? Gross. The person who wrote this is a miserable human being and probably mentally ill. And this is celebrated? This makes me sick to my core. i would like the person who wrote this to compensate me for my pain and suffering having to read this utter trash. I hope the fat person you sat next to sues you for defamation you sensationalist prick. Now shut up and go back to writing fan fiction.

        • I completely agree with you. Imagine if he’d chosen to use his poetic prowess on another subject, say, the mentally ill, homosexuals, African-Americans, would we be celebrating then? Why is it okay to shame people who are overweight? I personally have had to sit next to a morbidly obese man on a long flight and it was not at all unpleasant. He was a great conversationalist, respectful, and made the time pass quickly. I’m sure this guy didn’t enjoy being on the flight any more than he enjoyed sitting next to him. Some people have to fly whether they like to or not – for family emergencies,etc. And not everyone has the money to pay for an extra seat, or to sit in first class. If this a**hole didn’t like it, he can get himself a private plane and travel in the superior style he seems to be entitled to.

          • which woul be all goo an nice if he had gooton the seat for free,byt no thescrewede him in their service. also if the person next to you on a plane was high on lets say glue,and created as much destitution as said fatty,then you would probably feel that it was his fault as you would with Rapists,Killers,all other drug addicts,and thieves because DAda DAA! their social label is a result of their own actions and choices unlike the mentally ill, homosexuals, African-Americans and the disabled.its like if said i had cancer you would feel sorry for me,unless i got that cancer from smoking

          • Well let’s start by saying that obesity has a cure and is most definitely a product of personal choice. Where as the mentally ill, homosexuals, and African-Americans do not have a choice as to who they are. So no, had this man been slamming anyone who was born into one of these categories people would not stand by and laugh about it and praise him because he would be an intolerable prick. Saying nasty things about a disgusting smelling person with bad personal hygiene on the other hand is different. Why? Because the fat man can choose to not be fat, he can choose to work towards obtaining a healthy weight and eat better food. Then he could reach all those sweat pockets of his body and stop smelling foul.

          • This is stupid! fat people only have themselves to blame! unless its for medical reasons but then they still have no excuse for poor personal hygiene. So to all of you defending obese people why don’t you go sort yourselves out! Its people like you that are causing all the overweight problems in the first place.

            By telling people it’s ok to be fat and that they shouldn’t work at all to make themselves a healthy NATURAL weight, all you are doing is encouraging it, hence all the overweight people, even children are becoming morbidly obese, and all this is due to people like you saying it’s fine to be fat.

            So yeah I don’t care if somebody is happy being fat, go for it do as you please, but when it affects other people that’s when you need to start doing something about it instead of just sitting on your fat ass doing nothing!

            And comparing fat people to “the mentally ill, homosexuals, African-Americans” is just wrong, fat people have a choice, they can go on a diet, exercise, wash and stop being so lazy, they can change but they choose not to, the people you listed don’t have a choice so yeah i agree that discrimination is wrong, but when it comes to people who have a choice then it doesn’t matter.

            And the airline should respect this, if somebody is clearly too big to fit in a single seat or is making it uncomfortable for other passengers then they should be moved to a different seat or not be allowed to fly, if we weren’t so light on things then the world would be such a better place, and in the case of obesity, if we were harder on obese people and stopped telling them its fine to be fat then you would find that less people would be fat, and more people would be healthy and not sat there eating McDonalds and drinking soda with death himself.

            That’s all, peace out!

          • You have given examples of three things which are a rsult of illness and genetic make up, i.e, you are born black or gay! Obesity is due to a lifestyle choice. STOP EATING SO MUCH!

          • YEa. or being a fat ass, is a choice you continune to repeat..

            I dont give a shit.. obesity is controllable..

            let me guess you fat?

          • Well being black or gay isn’t a choice. Eating everything in sight is. Lack of personal hygiene is also a choice. Now shut up bitching you fat fuck this is clearly a joke letter.

          • They choose to eat. Nobody chooses to be black or homosexual. Also personal hygiene? That’s a choice too. So they need to ut down the fork and pick up their gym bag.

          • Uh…overweight is different from morbidly obese. Yes, he could have said things in a less offensive manner, but I’d probably be pretty upset about having to sit beside someone who should have paid for two seats. As inconsiderate as it is for the author of this letter to write things using this language, it is even more inconsiderate of both the airline, and the obese individual, to sit in only one seat. Being that obese is usually a choice, and very rarely a genetic disorder. If it is a genetic disorder (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, CHD, etc), then it’s most likely caused by the individuals’ diet as well. I do not feel sorry for morbidly obese people, the same way I do not feel sorry for drug addicts – it’s a choice that is 100% in their control.

          • Why is it okay for people to shame others who are over weight? Probably because it is preventable. I understand certain health conditions cause weight gain, but if he looked like the guy in the picture, then trust me it is not a health condition. Being over weight is a choice. Nobody forces you to excessively eat and be inactive, you aren’t born that way. YOU PHYSICALLY HAVE TO MAKE YOURSELF EAT! Also why I despise that type-2 diabetes is covered on health care. Oh you got sick because you decided to eat like sh*t all your life? Nah you don’t have to pay for it. We will just make the other healthy tax payers that actually understand how to nourish their bodies pay for you instead. Go ahead call me an a**hole, but it is my opinion and I am entitled to that just as you are.

          • You just lumped mental retardation, homosexuality and people of African descent into the same category; as if they all share some sort of social stigma or disadvantage. You, Ms. Eva Strong, should be forced to get on a plane with Liz and this obese failure of a human being and fly together for four hours in the same row. Madame, you and Liz may or may not be Black, and you two may or may not be homosexual, but you are both assuredly retarded.

        • welcome to the internet?
          so the internet is an exception to have fucked up morals and be a complete utter disgusting human being? like if hitler had the internet back in the 1940’s everything he did would be okay?

          • First of all, I WILL call you an asshole, with your entitled opinion about diabetic’s healthcare. Occasionally type 1 diabetes can turn into 2 through no fault of the person born with the illness. Also, it’s a predisposition you have to obtain it, given to you through GENETICS. You can easily weigh very little and STILL GET IT. That’s why it’s covered by healthcare, you ignorant prick.

            Secondly, this is body shaming and it’s disgusting. Making comments about a person’s appearance, regardless of what is wrong with them or how they came to be the way they are is WRONG. Unless you dislike someone based on the quality of their character, I don’t see how ANYONE finds this letter anything short of disgusting. He’s talking about another human being as if he’s an animal. What if he did have a disorder that prohibited him from losing weight? You would never know, because the OP never took a single second of his overly opinionated, entitled life to talk to him. This whole thread and the letter itself, especially, is PATHETIC.

        • I find this offensive and childish and feel sorry for the overweight person… His whole life is uncomfortable whilst this man simply had to endure a few hours of discomfort.

          I realise the overweight person is – if they don’t have a severe medical issue – to blame for their size, and yes they are eating themselves into an early grave… however binge eating disorder or compulsive overeating is no picnic (excuse the pun) and usually stems from deep set emotional problems such as the loss of a loved one. Watch any episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition if you don’t believe me.

          Don’t get me wrong – It’s fine for this passenger to complain he didn’t have personal space or comfort for an entire flight and that the staff were dismissive and downright unhelpful, but outright insulting an obese person and calling him names such as ‘Jabba The Hut’ is cruel and pathetic.

          Besides, I thought airlines had people that are obese buy two seats? Which is embarrassing enough for them in the first place.

          I’m 97 pounds. I would be insulted at 165 pounds too. It’s really irrelevant. Whether I’m fat or slim, this is not nice.

          • You feel sorry for the overweight person? He or she made the life choices that got them there in the first place. The letter was harsh, but he makes a good point – if you weigh above a certain amount, or take up two or three seats worth of space (because you can’t put the f***ing doughnut down)then you should have to pay for the size that you are. Plain and simple. Being that obese is a choice, and very rarely a genetic condition.

            BTW – I was formerly obese and in 7 years of determination have lost the weight and begun to compete in athletic events – once again, I do not feel sorry for morbidly obese people the same way I don’t feel sorry for drug addicts – it’s a choice! I’m speaking from experience.

          • The man’s complaints are that if you are that fat, you should have to buy two seats. Life choices have consequences, and that might just have to be one of them. It isn’t fair for someone, who payed for a product (an individual seat on an airplane, assured with a specified level of comfort) to not receive all the benefits of having payed for it.

            I think it’s in part the airline that needs to compensate him and give him his money back (seeing as he didn’t get what he payed for, and was treated poorly by the staff), but it is also the fat man’s personal responsibility to be considerate of other people on the airplane. He obviously knows that he causes other people discomfort because he is fat, and should buy extra seats, or take initiative in asking a flight attendant to be seated in a row with extra space. That isn’t the responsibility of the man who wrote the letter.

            It’s the same as sitting in a movie theater and having a woman with her screaming baby next to you. It’s perfectly fine for a woman to bring her baby to the movies, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of other people’s comfort. Most people would expect her to step outside if the baby starts screaming. If she doesn’t, and it ruins the movie for everyone else, I think they’re entitled to get their money back, and are by no means required to be ‘respectful of her feelings’ in the process.

            Additionally, this isn’t bullying. Names weren’t mentioned, and the letter wasn’t addressed to the people whom he was slandering. The only people getting bullied are the airline itself, and unless you think airlines have feelings, it’s not a big deal.

        • What difference does it make if she’s fat? The things the man said in this article are disgusting and could have been handled in a more civil matter. And just do you don’t ask again, yes I am fat!! I am also beautiful, smart and quite charming. stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!

          • im sorry but I would be as angry as he was the man should have had to buy two seats if he cant control himself then others should not have to suffer for his bad choices

          • Agreed, everything he said in the letter was disgusting, and I would not be able to bear it myself. Perhaps you’d enjoy being seated next to a decaying anus? If you’re fat and beautiful, good for you. Just please do us a favor and buy two seats on the plane.

      • Also: “having to read this”.

        And: “probably mentally ill” doesn’t sounds like a particularly PC response…

        • “If it offends you – don’t read it, don’t look at it, don’t talk about it.”

          Wow that’s about the most anti-progressive comment I’ve ever heard.
          Imagine the world we would live in if people took that advice when they first read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

          Talk about it people, and use your big words.
          Create a dialogue about what angers you instead of just screaming obscenities.

          • wow imagine a world where people actually minded their own. so what if this guy didnt put it the best way he could have im pretty damn sure it wasnt meant for the rest of the world to read

          • I suppose there would be no National-Sozialistische Partei in Germany if nobody ever read Mein Kampf. Sounds horrible.

        • I agree. And it would be bullying if he said it to his face, not in a letter to the airline.

          Frankly I am getting sick of grown adults throwing this “bullying” word around all the time now.

        • Asshole you have know idea what this person has been through in there life but you are willing to judge. What if they were beat or even worst. you have no right to judge

      • Liz,

        This letter is awful, it is full of nasty things little boys say before they grow up. As are most of the replies to your comment. The thing is on the internet now if you stand for something you need to be quiet, because you must be ‘boring’ ‘fat’ or ‘a butthurt’. Just so you know, I’m not un-educated like the people who say these things and I know you are right in the majority of your assertions. Thought I’d stand up for you because people rarely do online.

      • Well Liz even though this is only for humorous purposes. YOU ARE WRONG !!!!!!!!!! whoever wrote this should not have to suffer for the choices the obese man made to get himself in this massive state, well if i was to be an airline manager this man would be buying either a full row of seats for himself or not fly and it would be compulsory to wash your fat ass before going out in public………….

      • I agree with what you said Liz! It’s pretty pathetic & sad how many people find humor in putting others down. If someone was really upset over siting next to someone overweight, they could handle it in a much different & kinder way (and I bet they actually may have had their tickets refunded.)
        This guy is a tool & people love him. It shows what kind of society we live in. People can’t think much for themselves.

        • We live in a society where people eat themselves to death. Its disgusting and it needs to stop! I’m tired of being punished because i’m not fat. Everything is made with aspartame or sucralose these days and its disgusting. Everything is fat free and no sodium, i want some fucking flavor in my food. And when i can find normal food it costs 3 times as much! Stop being fat, America!!!!

      • “He’s probably mentally ill.”
        So, you are pissed at him for writing the letter, yet you making nasty remarks about people with mental health problems. You’re an idiot.

      • I don’t normally comment on these things but C’mon… Liz this guy clearly has reason to complain! Fair enough he could have worded his description a bit more delicately, but his point is valid, that guy SHOULD have booked two seats.
        The picture may just be a random pic of some other airline but it demonstrates a point, and a valid one. I would be fuming if this had happened to me.

      • Stop making excuses for fatties. Its about “responsibilities” and “behaviours”. You are in control of what you put in your mouth, in 98% of obese people its a controlled issue. By that I mean just fucking greedy! It isn’t bullying AT ALL….and in any case you reap what you sow, so no sympathy whatsoever for fatties drinkers, smokers and drug takers! You all know its bad for you so if bad things happen. TOUGH SHIT! Conversation OVER!

        • You do know people that are obese or drug users are like that due to an addiction which is a form of mental illness. It’s not always that they don’t want to stop its that they can’t. You don’t blame a person with cancer for being sick so how can you do the same for other illnesses.

          • Yes addiction is paralleled to being a mental illness but just as easily as it is being addicted to drugs or food or alcohol… It’s just as easily becoming “addicted” to positive and healthy behaviors… Such as exercise… Why does addictive qualities always have to be negative? You CAN overcome drug addiction and alcoholism and eating disorders…

            And how did the flight attendants push the food/drink cart down the aisle during flight?

      • Well, now you’re doing EXACTLY what the mean man did to the fat man. Only for you the mean man is your target. So, uh, way to be a hypocrit! 😀

      • I absolutely agree with you Liz!!
        You don’t have to be a larger person to see that this guy is a complete asshole. I’m 5’5” and 125lb. The internet is just full of arrogance

      • And I hope that next time you travel you are seated right next to such fat fuck without the possibility to change seats. Oh and let the plane/bus be delayed;). Cheers Liz

      • Oh Liz, I have a sneaky suspicion that you too may be overweight, and/or of the dubious persuasion that obesity is a disease of genetic predisposition. That mindset is quite convenient for those who are obese. It removes responsibility from those who simply prefer an excuse over any sort of personal accountability and action. This whole bullying movement sickens me. In this PC world, we are moving further away from what used to a key element of society; sometimes, while feelings may be hurt, disparaging remarks may encourage some to take an honest look at themselves, and make positive changes in their lives. And on the note of “suing for defamation”: 1. The author did NOT mention the passenger’s name. 2.Defamation: the act of saying false things in order to make people have a bad opinion of someone or something. This man did nothing but state his opinion and his discontent. He said nothing false. So I guess you want people to be able to sue for hurt feelings because of someone’s words, that while at times, crass, are in no way libel. So I guess “bullying” and the 1st amendment need to sort some things out. SUE him, SUE her, SUE everyone. Ughh

        • Liz said it was rude to bully not that obesity is not a problem. Everyone who has commented on here and insinuated she’s fat have only strengthened her point. Even if Liz is overweight it doesn’t change the fact that she’s right. Not that I think the man righting the letter is wrong either. The situation should have been handled better by the flight staff, definitely. However, the man didn’t need to be so descriptive in his complaint. We are all human beings and anyone with the proper intelligence level can write a complaint without being rude. If you can’t respond to this article or this post with decency then you shouldn’t be posting.

      • Liz your self righteous rant lost all meaning when you even described the person this letter was as “fat”
        Also saying the author of this letter is “a miserbale human being and probably mentally ill” are you suggesting all people with mental difficulties are miserbale?

        You whinge and moan about bullying and proceed to call the writer a Prick….get off your moral high horse and read it for the humour it is intended.

      • Liz is probably the same size. Damn right he should be paying for two seats. Respect is a two way street. Fat man should have respect for his fellow human beings and try and wash or lose wait…. sorry… to harsh?

      • Defamation means a false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of someone else, Liz. If he’s calling a fat person fat, it doesn’t count as defamation.

      • i 100% percent agree with you Liz, this is disgusting. I can’t comprehend how or why people find this funny, and the comments on this post are even more aggravating. Internet or not, this is fucking cruel, and very not funny, nd those that disagree really need to reevaluate themselves, pure fucking loosers.

      • No one forced you to read it!! He was forced to sit there which is a problem you dumb idiot. Fatty McFaterson should have been forced to buy two seats. And personal hygiene is extremely important and there should be requirements for being allowed to board a flight!!

      • Stop crying about it… Take life less seriously and laugh. Maybe the obese man read this letter and was motivated to lose weight. Comedians joke about far worse things during their sets, are they all terrible human beings? I think this is absolutely hilarious, and If you wernt laughing at all while reading it, ur taking ur life way too seriously.

      • Liz, I can only assume that you are ignorant to the facts, the fact of the matter is this the author of this letter should not have to endure what he went through, no one forced the other person to have poor hygiene and eat more than an average household. He did this of his own free will and therefore SHOULD be forced to purchase as many seats as is necessary otherwise other passengers are being forced to suffer for the overweight person not being able to take a shower.

        Before calling somone a bully please try to imagine how you would feel in their position

      • LOL – please!
        I think its great! Why do we have to be sympathetic to the fat man? He chose that life. And then he chose to make other people uncomfortable. He chose to shove his bad life choices into someone else’s lap.
        Why is it acceptable to poke fun at short people (something they can NOT change about themselves) But totally out of line to poke fun at fat a-holes (who have every waking moment available to change that aspect of themselves)

        • I can tell many people on here just do not know anything about weight issues. Being in health sciences has shown that the crap put in food in this country is sending people’s hormones out of whack and causing some people to gain weight uncontrollably. Ever heard of people who gain weight on a vegetarian diet? No? Read more! Ever heard of people who gain weight because they DON’T eat enough? No? I am not saying that many issues of obesity is not due to overeating. But don’t just assume that being overweight is due to excessive eating. And to those aholes who will say “i eat the food and i don’t gain weight”, I say this “study some more biology and you will know that every person’s system functions differently”. I agree the guy on the plane suffered. Why not complain as soon as he landed? Why wait to come online and vent like a spoiled school child? Only immature, angry people do that.

      • You realize that this is about bad Service by the three sisters couldnotgiveashit. It’s not the obese persons fault none of this.

        • Well said. Ranting on about the PC aspects is all very well but the fault is with the airline. The check in staff should have dealt with it by at least blocking out the other seats if the flight was not full. If not the 3 useless trolley dollys should have sorted it. Its unacceptable to expect a passenger to endure that level of discomfort. I also question the safety implications especially as the obese guy was seated on an exit row.

        • Oh well spotted….someone who actually gets it.

          I have been in a similar situation and fortunately was able to switch seats, thus allowing all concerned a bit more comfort .

          I do think economy seats are very tightly packed and wonder how long it will be before we buy body space on a flight… in the same way that we currently buy luggage space?

      • Well, Liz, let’s start off with your ridiculous request of compensation for ‘making you’ read this letter. No one is forcing you to read it, and no one forced you to reply either (just in case you’re upset that I’m forcing you to defend your stupidity).

        Secondly, what has he said about this man that you have deemed so disgusting? Is it actually more disgusting than being hundreds of pounds overweight just because you can’t control yourself? I mean, we’re arguing whether or not he has been disrespectful to man who clearly does not respect himself anyway. Treating yourself well is the most basic instinct we have and to those who don’t hold it I have little sympathy.

      • You are probably just as fat and gross and that is why this fake letter that is really very funny, offended you.

      • So you agree it’s poetic. Look the guy who he was sitting next to won’t ever know he was talking about him. Even if he does, if you don’t shower, you need a goddamn wakeup call. When you’re overweight, there are folds of fat all over your body. These collect sweat and various particles of stuff. If not cleaned out once every few days, that stuff will turn into a disgusting, foul-smelling cheeselike substance. I have smelled this smell. The letter-writer’s description is fairly accurate. What you want to do in the privacy of your own home is your business. What you do in a confined space for several hours with other human beings? That’s everyone’s business. If you don’t take a damn spongebath/shower/daily ablution of any kind before getting on a plane, you are a terrible human being. If you had to sit for four hours in a car with an open bag of rotting cheese in your lap, you’d be pissed. Everyone would. That’s essentially what this guys did, but worse, because he was also apparently being half-crushed by a mass of flesh. On top of that the flight attendants clearly are complete bitches, who treated him like a child. ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD WOULD BE FURIOUS. Stop being so overly sensitive. Sure if he just said to the dude “hey fatass go choke on a chicken bone and stop crushing the life out of me and making my nose die” I’d agree with you, that would be mean. But this guys sent this letter to the airline, he probably never even wanted it on the internet. his graphic description was partially necessary to get his point across.

      • It’s not defamation if it’s true. It was, however, rather mean. But the writer was definitely spot on with the flight attendants. I have only ever flown with Jetstar once and have to totally agree with the names he’s given them.

      • Trash? Because some fat inconsiderate person wont buy 2 seats when he clearly needs them.. This guy wrote what everyone was thinking. The airline needs a weight limit per seat and thats it.

      • Really? So us healthy people have to keep quiet while you (assuming you are fat since you’re defending all who can’t control what they shove into their mouths) fat people run a mock with your wobbling, sweaty, b.o. Bodies? The Fat in this world are the sick, unhappy, bullying mentally ill. Get on a &$@?! Treadmill have a salad! Have some respect for yourself. Maybe the rest of us will do too.

      • Obviously that comment was written by;
        a) A fat person
        B) Someone who has never been sat next to a smelly overweight individual in an enclosed space!

      • Haha – Liz is a fat chick! Only somebody morbidly obese herself would defend this revolting and selfish behaviour!

      • Agreed, Liz. Sick, twisted, amoral, inhumane, bullying. None of what I find acceptable human behavior.

        Some people just need to get off on feeling great about themselves while putting others down.

        For people saying the man needs to change, it is none of your business.

      • Being morbidly obese is not ok, think of all the people starving in other countries and this person is eating enough to take over someone elses seat aswell as their own. Maybe the fat guy should evaluate his own humanity. Also personal hygiene is everyones own responsibility. This guy obviously had quite an odour to him and he’s imposing it on someone else. I consider being morbidly obese a mental illness. I hope this happens to you.. bitch.

      • ridicule is a good way of solving problems…its unacceptable to accept unacceptable behaviour if your that large buy two seats and stop looking for sympathy when you were a greedy pig at the dinner table and then didnt help your parents mow the lawn or shovel snow or walk to the store for healthy food…ece

      • You, Liz, but be an obese lady. For only obese people get offended at fat jokes. I, for one, am a fat guy. I thought this letter was hilarious and I think he should be refunded.

      • “Miserable… Mentally ill… makes me sick… utter trash… sensationalist prick… shut up”

        And he’s the bully?

      • How can you even compare this fat sweaty f@#k to mentally ill or disabled people. I doubt the writer would make such comments on such people! Don’t tell me he is ill he’s only problem is that he hasn’t worked out he’s mouth is bigger than his arse hole. These morbidly obese people aren’t ill they are just to stupid to stop eating. Full praise to the bloke making the complaint.

      • Shut the fuck up. People twice the size of seats should have private sections so they aren’t sitting on the passengers next to them. Cunt face.

      • I have no sympathy for far people. The have no excuses. They can lie all they want about how they are eating right and excercising, but they ARE cheating. Always.

      • Can we please stop with the overuse of the word “bullying”. This guy wrote a letter to a company complaining about a fat person. He never said anything directly to the guy at all. This is in no way bullying. When did we all get so damn sensitive when everytime somebody says something negative about someone it becomes bullying and everybody freaks out. Plus, the guy is fat. You don’t want to be called fat, lose weight. It’s pretty simple.

      • Liz is complaining couse i bet she is fat to, stop the eating and then people like us dont have to seat with fat people like u..and fat people always blame it on a glad problem..yeah right…

      • Mentally ill? Why does he have to be mentally ill to be an asshole?

        I love how you’re preaching “Oh how can he talk like that about another human being??” and in the same breath insult a good million or so people. Well done! 😀

      • Liz from your reply I gathered you were picked on as a kid . I also have been in this situation , and I commend this guy for writing what ever person is thinking

      • Hey Liz are you complaining cos you also need two buy two seats to accommodate a wide size butt? The guy is disgusting and that the sad facts. If it helps the photo and letter are fake as the guy wouldn’t be allowed to sit in that seat under CAA rules. But you must already know that.
        Just a thought :-)

    • That photo has been stolen from my mate, he was on a flight from Dortmund to Glasgow and is genuinely the guy sat to the right of that large gentleman. The photo was taken by another friend who was sat further back. The guy who wrote the letter to the airline is talking about a completely different incident and if you look at his twitter page he confirms it’s not his photo.

    • As a retired cabin crew member,I would like to point out that infirm/disabled people are not allowed to sit at the overwing exits, or near door exits as they may cause an obstruction!!!

    • I’m not a thin person myself. I’m 172cm and 105kg. But if the person the writer of the letter had to sit next to was taking up more space than he paided for, he shoud have to pay for 2 seats. Furthermore that the cabin crew did not respect him is beyond me, that does not happen in Europe. Why should we feel bad for the fat man? he is causing unnecessary discomfort for others who travel with him. Like, I hate small children(infants) on airplanes. They causing me discomfort when i fly, but that is more or less necessary discomfort. Another thing it’s just rude taking a fligth while not beaing clean and fresh. I feel bad for the man having to sit next(under) the fat man.

    • The photo definitely does not match the storie.
      He is a fat fuck though, I’m surprised they let him fly on safety grounds as he is blocking half the aisle.
      You know his problem two hands one mouth pmsl

    • or maybe the fact the fat guy in the photo is actually half way into the aisle, and the guy sitting next to him is leaning close to him when he obviously still has some of his seat left.

      oh not to mention the fact you all think that ridiculing the obese man is the greatest letter ever. If i was jetstar i wouldn’t take this complaint seriously until the person complaining used appropriate language and wasn’t being a bully. his smell is hardly relevant considering the complaint is about the size of the seats. The fat man didn’t even need to be ridiculed because he only chose to use jetstars services, it’s not his fault and it’s uncalled for. the person who wrote this complaint is obviously just a jerk who probably deserves to have shitty customer service.. He paid for an emergency seat, i hope he was actually planning on helping out if there was an emergency or will he just sit there and watch with all that leg room?

    • Add to that, the fact that it would be illegal to take off with him sat like that, this is a photo shop or he is lying

  2. I have to empathise with this passenger.I believe its everyone’s right to be treated fairly and reasonably. If the complainant paid full price for his ticket he should at the very least be given a comfortable passage to his destination. With regards to the obese gentleman, he’s clearly aware of the inconvenience his condition causes to others in this situation and for him to not make appropriate arrangements to accommodate for this, is selfish and inconsiderate. He should be charged for two seats or the airline should refund the complainant in Full.

    • I also have to empathize, there is little to no excuse for obese people making others suffer their condition. There’s a limit on the size of carry-on baggage, there should be a limit on how many seats fatty takes up, if it’s more than 1, he should pay for the extra room. If he can’t afford to pay, he can’t afford to fly, why should a fare-paying customer be forced to endure a passenger who impedes his ability to relax on the plane? Dear fatties, it’s not that hard to be a sknny, it really isn’t. Green stuff called salad and this thing that involves moving called “exercising.”

      You might just fit into one airplane seat.

      • Everyone doesn’t want to be a skinny tooth pick.And for some people butthead it is a medical problem to why they have gained weight.So before you start bumping your gums together and downing people you really need to get the facts.Not that it is any of your business!!!!

        • Less than 2% of morbidly obese people suffer from a medical condition that causes their excesses weight gain. So get your facts straight. Also if someone encroaches on another person rights then it is their business. Take a breath and go for a run.

        • There are weight ranges between morbidly obese and skinny you do realise? It’s called being healthy. And I can assure you, over 90% of the time people are obese because of poor lifestyle choices (especially when they were younger) which has in itself become a medical condition. Whilst I sympathise with those who are medically considered obese, especially when people expect them to purchase extra seats etc, most of the time it comes down to choice. This is not ‘discrimination’ because it’s (most likely) something that’s not out of their control (like gender, or race). I don’t see the fault with the writer of the letter, or the obese passenger, but the service at Jetstar which is always beyond shit. I refuse to deal with them ever again due to my own struggles with them in the past. I’d rather save up and pay the extra $30/40 to fly Qantas or Virgin

        • Tess, morbid obesity is a medical problem, i agree with you, how ever the reason you feel so strongly is because in fact you can not smack food out of your own hand, and there is no excuse for poor hygiene either! it cant be comfortable sitting in a small seat when you are the size of a mini van, the fact that you inflict that discomfort on a perfect stranger is cruel and down right rude – i am small and have had the displeasure of being sandwiched between a rather large couple, it was a typical cliche scene and if it weren’t for the air hostess, my photo would of been on the packet of single serving airplane nuts.
          So please rather than shoot your mouth off about a disease and how we should feel sorry for the larger than life human, maybe try relinquish your shares in the pie company and try a celery stick while watching the “biggest loser”.
          Morbid obesity is on par with drug and alcohol addiction, so stop making excuse’s for people who cant put the snickers bar down! You wouldn’t do it for a heroin addict.

        • And some people are just greedy and lazy. No, not everyone wants to be skinny, but most people don’t want to have to suffer because others have no self control over what they push in their face.

        • You don’t have to be a skinny toothpick to fit in ONE single airplane seat. Yes, it can be a medical problem. However, the airline screwed up because this man was obviously too big to be seated where he was and was inconveniencing those around him.

          Go back to Tumblr, snowflake, and lose a little weight while you’re at it.

        • Actually it is another person business if a “weight challenged” person is invading his/her space. And that medical problem crap is no excuse. Just it less.

        • Calorie intake equal to or less than calories burned = not fat. Less than 1% of obese people actually suffer from a thyroid problem. The rest are just fat.

          And “genetics” is not an excuse…your family being fat only makes you fat because you grew up eating the same shit food that put them in that situation, it isn’t in your DNA. No more excuses.

        • Ha! Medical reason could maybe explain why someone is a little overweight, but being morbidly obese is all there fault. No sympathy, it’s idiots like you who make excuses for these people that’s the reason were on the verge of a worldwide obesity epidemic. Grow a pair, resist your tempation to eat sickening portions, walk every day… fucking simple you lazy fat fuck

        • So, if you don’t want to be a ‘skinny tooth pick’ you have to go to the extreme of being unhygienic and obese? There is no excuse for poor hygiene, and people that gain weight due to medical problems aren’t normally to that extreme. Sounds to me like you’re carrying a bit of extra ‘cushioning’ yourself, hence your snappy response. Now, if you are a little on the big side, that’s fine… just do everyone else a favour and don’t use it as an excuse to take up other peoples’ space or invade their nostrils with your stench.

      • Surely the responsibility for the larger gentlemans accommodation on the plane should have rested with check in staff? And I totally agree that it is SO difficult for some people to lose weight. My mother has tried since I was a little girl and nothing has worked. Whereas I don’t even have to try to stay thin. So for some people it is easy. But to talk of another person like this is vile. The larger gent has feelings too. Imagine this had been your son and how he would feel reading this, made public on the internet. I hope he hunts you down and sits on you.

    • Jonathan, yours is the only post I have read thus far that states the truth in a decent, respectful and compassionate manner. Frankly speaking, I, too – like Liz and others – found the letter offensive, and found the subsequent attacks on Liz even more so. Some of those comments directed at her were downright nasty and disturbing to read. However awkward her response may have been, Liz was essentially standing up and objecting to unnecessary cruelty, and for that I support her. All this to say that your post serves as a perfect example of how one can be truthful without being unkind. Your response was thoughtful & eloquent; truthful but without malice … And for this, I salute you.

  3. i don’t see how this is a “great” complaint letter. The author clearly shows hes a discriminating piece of shit, and he deserves being sued and fined for the discrimination of others.

    Airplanes have very little space, and if you are overweight for whatever reason you have to suffer enough when using them. Some airlines fine you double (despite putting you on a single seat), you have to squeeze yourself down into seats that are made for tiny people (not meaning average sized folks with tiny).

    Airlines usually try to put fat and overly tall people (i fit in the later category) in the places near emergency seats, because those have a tiny bit of more space for your feet and legs. Thats not exactly an secret. Some asshole like the author (and if you go through his pictures on twitter/his blog you see that he is below average size in height, and slightly fat himself), who pays for taking away one of those seats of people who actually need it, and then complains sitting next to one? first humiliating the person next to him right in the plane, and then having the nerves to ask for compensation?

    • Are you kidding me? Sued and fined for discrimination? You advocate for suing and fining for someones thoughts and beliefs? I think you are the discriminating POS. Everyone has prejudices, even you. Can I sue you because you discriminate against, just a guess, Republicans?

    • You are wrong! There is nothing discriminating about it! An elephant sized person invades your space which you have paid for, and you write a complain letter. The oversized guy should have bought a ticked for at least 1 raw of seats.

    • “who pays for taking away one of those seats of people who actually need it”

      Wait, are you trying to tell me that if a person is grossly overweight he “deserves” to have more room then a person who isn’t? I have not met a single person that is not aware of the amount of room you get on a plan. If you are that big because of an actual medical problem you can contact the airline and in MOST cases they will work with you free of charge (with proper documentation) but to just be that big and expect to just be accommodated because of you OBVIOUS problem is completely backwards thinking.

      The problem is your own, take ownership of it and make proper arrangements. Don’t ruin other peoples day because you want to pretend you can squeeze 400+ lbs into a tiny coach chair.

      • Tall people don’t get free “extra legroom” seats (not in the UK anyway). I’ve had to pay £150 for the privilege of being able to sit down without my knees being crushed on a long haul return flight – I’m 6’7″ tall and have varicose veins so need to move my legs to prevent DVT as I’m pre-disposed to it. Doesn’t matter, still got to pay, if they’ve not all sold out already to people who just like to be able to stretch out a bit. The real stinker is, I’ve paid the same for my wife to sit with me, even though she’s 5’2″ tall and doesn’t need extra legroom, but 11 hours is a long time sat apart from your wife in different parts of the plane. I’m sure someone tall who didn’t stump up the “tall tax” or was later than us booking and couldn’t get one will look at her in disgust when we’re seated.

    • Spoken like a true fat ass! You were the obese guy weren’t you…? It’s ok to admit it…i swear i wont laugh too hard

    • Im sorry but weather he’s discriminating or not he’s right. Fat people should not be aloud to just ride a plane like a normal person because they are not normal!! They have a medical condition. People in a wheel chair have to take extra measures and so should a morbidly obese person!!

      All the flight attendants had to do was make the man pay extra for another seat and reseat the complainant and it would of been solved.

      You seriously need to be stop being so PC and look at the facts. He is right and should be compensated.

      This letter is the perfect way to point out a growing issue in society and hopefully it will lead to something being done about it.

      • Situations like this are going to become more common with the increasing number of obese individuals. Airlines have tried charging extremely obese people for two seats but have met with resistance.

        Anyone who rides public transportation knows that something similar happens daily on buses and trains. The last two days I have gotten stuck sitting next to morbidly obese individuals who made it more uncomfortable than usual. These are the same types of individuals who give you dirty looks when you have bags sitting next you. I paid for one seat, not two-thirds or three-quarters of one. If your mass spills into another person’s space, then you should have to pay for two seats.

      • yeah you’re right, paying extra cash for extra space only to have it taken up by another passenger (obese or not) with poor personal hygiene would leave me pissed off as well tbh

    • You disgust me. It’s comments like yours that keep the obesity epidemic going. These people lack self discipline and the basic self respect to take care of their bodies which in the end causes grief for the rest of us and you want to stand up for them. There may be certain genetic processes which make it harder to lose the weight for some but it is not impossible. It simply takes discipline. And you’re standing up for individuals who increase the cost of health care, set a bad example for our children and are in general an eye sore to look at. Shame on you. You need to go home and take a hard look at how you see the world because you’re a terrible human being making it a worse place to live with your views on the obese.

    • Shut up you annoying turd.Fat people should pay excess baggage at the very least and there is no excuse for being smelly. I too am a “lanky twat” and would not inflict myself on another’s (paid-for) space. Grow up or die (your choice).

    • Spoken like a true fat person. Obviously, because you spoke first hand of having to “squeeze” into a seat. Obesity at that level is not normal. Normal is 195 lbs for a 6 ft tall man. He looks to be a good 6’5″ so we can allocate an extra 20 lbs, and even another 20 since the Holidays were only last month. I am 5’11”, 255. To say he is 300 is a gross understatement, as he is probably closer to 450. Do you I used to weigh 195? now since I am over 40, I eat ONE meal a day, and maybe a snack. I do not rationalize and say “well, I’m a big guy, I need to eat more.” Thyroid, Schmyroid.. That is a copout. I have asthma, and still exercise. Bottom line, Big man should have purchased two seats.
      p.s. If you want to talk shit, at least do so under your name, don’t be a puss, and hide.

    • I agree with you mind i think the other commentators are ignorant arseholes who need to lighten up but if the guy is that size he should have to pay for more than 1 seat though he is taking up half an isle as well as his seat which is against health and safety now i am Overweight but not due to what i eat mainly because i am a lazy ass gamer and unfortunately i have a job that doesn’t require me to move or hours that allow me to do anything. but these pricks replying to your post are typical pricks who do no deserve an opinion soo what if people are over weight and im sorry if prick like you guys find it inconvenient for your life but its our lifes and we live it the way we wish it plus im also over 6ft so legs space is always a problem for me where i stay as the average height is 5.8-5.11 so when it comes to buses and and planes my knees are always banging off of the seat in front now thats due to my height not my size and i must also add im not soo overweight i take up more than one seat i fit fine in any seat the only time i need more room when you have those stupid seats that only average heights and kids can fit in and also overweight and obese people are normal as well its rather pathetic that you consider anyone who is not average weight and height and in a full bill of health normal and anyone else who doesn’t not fit under that as not normal you sir are a fucking racist prick and if i ever met you id make sure you weren’t normal by your standards.

      • Wow Bob, I had to spend a little time reading your comment as there’s absolutely no grammar, no punctuation and little concept of plurality. You say you’re a gamer and from what I can gather, that’s what makes you fat. Judging by the fact you pulled out the race card towards the end of your rant, you’re probably also black. You also made a threat of violence toward someone in your rant, which you obviously cannot possibly back up, which in my opinion so far, makes you a fat black uneducated violent drain on public resources and health. So, while you’re sat down reading this response, x-box humming away in the background, empty bags of chips scattered about your person, imagine what life would be like if you turned off your computer, dragged yourself out of that chair and went for a nice 2-3 mile walk a few times a week.

    • Are you serious. I am tall as well but I exercise regularly, eat healthy and spend money to ensure I remain lean. I have no sympathy at all for those who bemoan there should be understanding for fatties. Airlines should be charging those who spill into other seats, not making the person who purchased wear the intended flab of thy neighbour.

      Come on now, where is the accountability in society.

      This is about equality, second hand smoking has been dealt with in many public places – why not second hand flab?????

    • NoName it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see that all his complaints are valid…It has nothing to do discrimination…. this guy is the size of two seats… and was smelly… he should not have been allowed to jeopardize the safety and comfort of the other paying customers… If you do not understand this it may be because your yourself believe that your physical impairments or lifestyle habits should be imposed on the public in the name of some distorted notion of fairness… Myself, I would have reported the blocking of the emergency exit… FAA, and would have moved to another seat without the attendants permission….

    • totally agree with u. the author isnt but an unpleasant disrespectful person that thinks he is better than everybody else physically (by thrashing the fat guy) and mentally (by saying giggly is mentally impaired. i dont see how this is a great letter and i agree that he should be sued. if he is really that superior than maybe he should have bought a first class instead of crying about it and insulting everybody else personally

    • Idiot. His complaint was primarily aimed at the cabin attendants. Yes he made reference to the large guy’s appearance and the unpleasant side effects of that such as poor personal hygiene and so on. But THIS WASN’T A FAT RANT. It was a complaint about not being permitted to be moved to another seat because the attendants didn’t notice the obvious discomfort and displeasure that this otherwise obvious situation was causing. They were too self-obsessed to care about his comfort.

      And for what it’s worth, I completely agree that large sized people, whatever caused it, should be required to book an extra seat. If anyone thinks that’s unfair, then we should pass laws requiring airlines to provide the extra space free of charge to an over-sized passenger. We should not expect other passengers to suffer as a result of these people’s physical state irrespective of whether it’s the result of a physical or mental medical condition or their gluttony. This bit doesn’t actually matter.

      Now, you’ve clearly grasped reading. When you’ve learnt to understand the words that you’ve read too, you can come back on the internet

    • It’s an authors point of view, and the main point is that none of the staff would help him out of an extremely uncomfortable situation, in which there was capacity to do so. To me he was obviously highly frustrated and was trying to paint a complete picture of his discomfort by using harsh words. The whole tone of the letter is aimed at the airline, not the obese man or at obese people in general.
      Some people are too sensitive, and judgemental. Imagine yourself in the same situation and if you’re so perfect and humble, just list what he could’ve done instead before throwing your own stones.

  4. I agree, there should be a “too fat to fly” limit on all flights.. If fatties want to fly then lose weight.. And for all those fatties out there that are offended by this and for all fatty sympathisers, just think the walk will do you good. Why should those that have control on what they shove into their pie hole have to suffer for those whom can not!

    • Don’t agree with you there love!!!
      I’m chronically ill with crohns, arthritis fibromyalgia and I also have a stoma (named Stanley. But for now he is called squishy! Anyway. Yes most fat people are fat through eating excessive/literally tons of food regularly. A week. But I’m 6ft and I was fat for a while due to inactivity and I was on a feeding tube which controlled my calorie intake itself and didn’t account for the inactivity. So it’s all good and well saying people are causing their own obesity. But there is a minority that genuinely can’t help being fat! I wasn’t all muffin tops and tyres! But my arse was freaking huuuge! Apparently boobs won’t even arrive when I’m fat. Damnit! My point is. Not every big person is cut from the same tent!

      • I also have Crohns, arthritis and a stoma (its name is red rocket) I put on a chunk of weight due to 3 months of high dose pred. I made the effort to lose said weight. As a nurse all my obese patients have 2 things in common, obesity and a victim mentality. It is everyone’s else’s fault and problem, never their own. Also try being on a small QANTASlink flight next to an obese person. It is not comfortable.

        • Are you saying that to me red rocket? Lol. I don’t have a victim mentality. If that was directed at me. I was fat cause I couldn’t move! But I’ve lost about 4 stone since June last year! And I’m down to a 10-12 and i was a size 6 at 6ft and looked emaciated. And being a size ten is my goal but I like a bit of cushion. But victim mentality isn’t me! Xxx

  5. The writer of this should be ashamed of himself, how dare he treat another human being with such disrespect!! No one knows what goes on in other peoples lives and this passenger has a right to travel just like the rest of us. Shame on you, you need to help people not riducule them.

  6. While I admire the humorous writing, I disapprove of the general tone when describing the overweight passenger. There would not be much to laugh at in this article if you edited out all the obesity slur.

    It can be discussed whether or not it is fair to pay an equal price (for an airline ticket for example) despite inequal size. But as things are now, before a “pay per cubic feet of meat”-ticket is made available, we can’t really blame the other person sitting next to us.

    You bet he isn’t sitting comfortably either.

  7. I’m guessing this happened in Britain? Because all people that are British are fucking douches like the guy who wrote this letter.

  8. This dude’s totally right. Being fat, and yes I said FAT instead of obese, is a HEALTH PROBLEM that we should stop sugar coating.

    Like seriously stop coddling everyone. The guy was a fatass with awful hygiene.

    I hope the guy gets his money back.

    • Love the fact you got no replies to your lame attempt at a racial slur. Did you just get dumped by a British Girl by any chance?

    • You can’t “be fat”, you can have a lot of fat on your body but you can’t actually be fat. You sound stupid. “Obese” is the word for it in the medical field so how is the word “obese” sugar coating anything? Obese has a bad connotation as it is,you sound like a complete fucking idiot.

      • Who’s the complete fucking idiot? You realize fat is also an adjective right? Therefore, someone can, “be fat,” as you so intelligently put it.

  9. The problem with some of these responses is some people out there condone this type or morbid obesity. It is neither healthy nor should be tolerable in society. This letter writer is spot on and airlines should make people buy multiple seats if too fat or just ban them all together. Too fat? Too bad. Lose some weight tubby.
    I can control my weight why cant you?

  10. The writer of this is a discriminating knob. Also for some, loosing weight is damn hard so quit criticizing others.

    • Losing weight is not difficult – eat proportional to your work rate. Sure, some find it easier to work hard, and eat less, but if you observe fat people they eat mega portions of generally sugar-laden foods. Saw it myself today with a fat colleague. It’s about time for the human race to take responsibility for their choices, and for the rest of us to stop excusing them with simpering political correctness. Expressing anger through satyr was the writers choice in this article. By all means support or criticize him for it, but let’s not pretend any of us would have been happy in his situation.

    • Just because you’re obese doesn’t mean you have to smell. I’m pretty sure deodorant is available in Australia…

    • I do not think this is discriminatory at all. Something that’s discriminatory are things like race or gender; it has no real-world effect on others. But if a person is so overweight that they are encroaching on others comfort then that’s a problem. Being fat is a personal battle, yes, but when your size makes others physically uncomfortable that is completely unfair and selfish.

    • It’s spelt ‘losing’. And, since we’re on the subject, you don’t start off that weight do you, you bloody great fool. YOU HAVE TO BE A LITTLE PIGGY TO GET THAT SIZE!

      …Or have a medical condition. But the latter doesn’t tend to coincide with complete lack of personal hygiene. The reason for that being, that people who eat like a vacuum cleaner with a hyperdrive also tend to be extremely lazy – no excercise + massive food intake = MASSIVE OBESE SLOB.

      It’s a disgusting ‘lifestyle choice’ and people should have every right to complain about it. If you want to shave 40 years off your life, fine, but keep to the confines of your own personal space..or at the very least, have a bloody wash!

  11. The guy who wrote this letter is a total douche bag. They way he refers to overweight person is disgusting. If I worked for the airline my response would be something like this, “We appreciate your business at our company, we do the best to accommodate all of our passengers equally. But upon receiving your letter we would like to inform you that not only are we pleased that you had such a miserably uncomfortable flight, but we’d also like to inform you that we will be refusing your services for now o. Anybody capable of writing such a hate fueled letter towards one of our valued customers in no longer welcomed on our flights.”

  12. Chandler? You are obviously a stupid yank? I say this for a couple of reasons. The first being the word “douche?” and the second being that you did not read the letter properly. It states that he was on a flight from perth to sydney you fuckin` idiot.
    ps. Chandler is a gay name.
    pps. Fuck off”!

  13. I think to solve this problem. Airlines should have an area for overweight people. If it cost a tab more i’m pretty sure they will understand. No one who is paying full price for their flight with an extra fee for comfort should be uncomfortable. I am not overweight but I do have family that r, they have mentioned a number of times that if there was an area for them to sit comfortable they would pay that extra. But to charge someone for an additional seat is crazy. And for the flight attendants they should go back to training.. Customer Service Training that is.

  14. This may have been a little less than offensive if it was real which it clearly isn’t as passengers requiring use of an extension seatbelt are not permitted to sit in emergency row seats and most if not all airlines do charge for 2 seats when someone is as large as the guy described, someone’s already mentioned the photo is not connected to the story. And no I myself do not have to purchase 2 seats or use a seatbelt extension.

    And even if the situation were real why didn’t he ask the people who were taking a whole row to lie down to move? Remember they will have only purchased one seat ……so actually the big guy had more right to be there than the people lying down. So quit your bitching and trying badly to get a cheap laugh at other people’s expense.

  15. the author of this letter is not being discriminatory; discrimination occurs when someone is provided with a substandard service based on the offender’s preconceived biases so, e.g., if the hostess had refused to serve the overweight person or if the author of the letter had openly called him fat and smelly – that would be discrimination.
    this letter is not discrimination. it’s the simple truth.

  16. I have a fat fetish… I would pay extra to sit next to/under this guy… The bigger the better, the more unwashed the wetter :) time to touch myself

  17. Obvisouly not british clear that you are the douche who cant read as it was stated it was on australian flight. Much love a british fucking douche. Xxxxxx

  18. Hello. I’m British and live in Britain but I can’t find Perth or Sydney on a map of Britain!?!? Please help oh knowledgeable one!!!

  19. Did u know that Britain spends more money on fat/obese people than they do on cancer?

    Bugger fat people most do it to themselves!

  20. I’m sure there were other ways to go about this letter than to humiliate the person beside you. Yes, you’re upset with the airline. But that man, fat or not, needs to get somewhere. Who are you to judge? Are you so perfect that you have absolutely no flaws? Obesity is a problem, but not yours. Get your head out of your ass and suck it up. I’m sure he deals with it on a daily basis and I’m sure that entire flight was super uncomfortable for him as well. You don’t know him, you don’t know what his life has been like and you don’t know whether or not maybe his obesity is due to a medical problem or a mental problem. The fact is, you got to where you needed to be safe and sound. Move on.

  21. The author has a point but could have put it more politely. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. The larger person should have made allowances for size when booking seats and the author should have been allowed to sit in an empty seat. Now to Chandler….you insult the British and assume this happened in Britain….what does this say about you and who/what you are when it states clearly that this took place on a flight from Sydney to Perth. Did you not actually read the letter before commenting or do you actually think that Perth and Sydney are in Uk and not Australia? No offence

  22. The author has a point but could have put it more politely. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. The larger person should have made allowances for size when booking seats and the author should have been allowed to sit in an empty seat. Now to Chandler….you insult the British and assume this happened in Britain….what does this say about you and who/what you are when it states clearly that this took place on a flight from Sydney to Perth. Did you not actually read the letter before commenting or do you actually think that Perth and Sydney are in Uk and not Australia? No offence

  23. The writer is utterly rude. There is no need for it, he should be ashamed. Yes complain if needs be: Yes say the flight attendants were incompetent in dealing with requests, or their jobs in general, but DO NOT make fun of anyone except yourself.
    The writer wouldn’t have complained about a smelly anorexic who dug their ‘bony elbows in his ribs’ Yes anorexics do smell, they have keytones on their breath.

    I was FAT. I was HUGE.
    I knew about personal hygiene, but in hot clammy conditions would sweat. I was thankful when Fabreze was invented, I have been made so conscious of my odour inching up peoples noses I have a complex and still regularly spray myself throughout the day.

    As someone says the picture does not go with the letter re the seating. The man in the middle seat does not look squashed, he is even leaning towards the larger guy. The large man is clearly hanging out over the aisle which I am amazed the crew allowed for safely reasons, and did not remedy before take off.

    I was FAT. I was HUGE.
    I was ashamed of myself.
    I have overeaten for over 40 years and YES it is an addiction just like any other, a chemical one for some ingredients and also a coping strategy for issues.
    Food was my best friend – still is.

    I have had a gastric bypass and lost 80% of my excess weight. And before you say it, no it is not the easy option. I was a binge eater, I was a secret eater. I now use other more dangerous coping strategies. Addiction transfer is common.

    So now I can sit in a seat next to anyone without them having to ridicule me in letters of complaint, they’re happy bully for them.
    I just cut my arms, wrists, drink into amnesia, take too many pills, but then of course he wouldn’t see that, so no cause to ask for a refund for sitting next to the mad woman…

    Don’t Judge until you have walked in another persons shoes.

    • Oh go fuck yourself you whiny piece of human effluvium. Medical? My fat hairy arse, I, I ,I, I, it’s all about you hey? You. You who are special, you who are unique. You.

      • Yes its I, I, I, as in ‘I, a fat person’ like the bloke in the picture.

        I (oh yes I again) don’t normally post on any comments but felt so strongly in this case to stick up for the underdog against the fat haters.

        You are probably right in calling me ‘a whiny pieces of human effluvium’, but at least you admit to having ‘a fat hairy arse’ , I won’t hold that against you & don’t mind what you say about me, but I do mind you suggesting how I spend my time alone with myself, it is much more loving with my partner.
        Being so honest about your derrière, I am surprised you are having a go…

        And yes I am unique, aren’t You?

        Oh and I forgot to add about MY (Oh! a change from I) underactive thyroid (Levothyroxine 150mcg) & Anemia – I expect a ‘clever repartee’ will come flying back.

  24. Chandler

    The flight was from Perth to Sydney so i’m guessing it didn’t happen in Britain…you dumb yankee fuck.

  25. Yeah, of course I intentionally got cancer and gained weight after chemo, so now I shouldn’t be allowed to fly. I totally did it all intentionally, yep.

    Maybe don’t judge people without knowing what’s going on. Fat isn’t always just from over eating.

    • you could not have gained the weight from breathing air.
      i’m sorry you had cancer, it’s hard and no one blames you for gaining weight afterwards ( i would have done the same thing) but to say the weight came from something other than overeating is completely false.

      excess calories = fat storage. fat can not materialize out of no where.

  26. So, Chandler, it would appear that your attempt to ridicule the British is as much of a failure as being named Chandler. If you ask a grown-up, maybe they can point out on a map where Perth and Sydney are. They’re in a place called Australia – that’s not in Britain. So, fuck you. Thanks.

    As for the people sticking up for the blimp, one can only assume that they also resemble the side of a very fat house.

  27. The man maybe could have been more sensitive about the fat slurs, but who cares really? He’s writing this to airline, he’s not bullying the guy. People who say that he should be more sensitive and to imagine how much discomfort the fat man is in, let’s not forget that the man is extremely overweight, and while this is depressing and I’m sure the man is depressed to have become that large, it is still his fault. To reply to the last comment, it absolutely is easy to lose weight when you are that large. In order to maintain that weight you need to gorge yourself incessantly on massive amounts of calories. While the fat man has his own issues to deal with, it is completely unfair for him to travel unless he plans on buying a whole row of seats. He does not have a “right” to fly. There is no right of flying through the sky, period. It is a privilege one enjoys- given that they are capable to do so and pay for a ticket. This man, however, is too large to fly. He is a disturbance to every other passenger on the plane, it is unsafe, the dude simply does not fit on a fucking plane. Would you say that someone has a “right” to bring their Saint Bernard on a plane when others are allergic to dogs and the dog itself smells like shit? No. This man lost his privilege of flying by not being able to do so without discomforting other people on the plane. This is a no brainer.

  28. I don’t understand the fatty sympathisers at all. I have to pay a fine if my hand luggage is 1kg over the limit whereas fatties who weigh over 100kg more than I do pay the same fare as me despite the increased fuel costs to move them (which is the airline’s justification to charge us more for oversize baggage).
    Being obese is a disgusting, selfish disease and it has been proven in every scientific study that in over 99% of cases it isn’t a biological propensity towards weight gain, it is simply greed.
    It should not be social acceptable to be so grotesquely overweight.

    • No, it’s not a choice between ‘losing’ and ‘loosing’. Loosing isn’t a word at all. ‘Losing’ is correct when talking about loss. Loss, lost, lose, losing. ‘Loose’ is the opposite of ‘tight’. Rhymes with ‘moose’.

      I completely agree with you regarding overweight baggage! I’ve seen plenty of people who weigh far more than me and all my luggage combined, who get to bring just as much with them.

  29. yes the fat man does have a right to travel , but so does the guy who wrote this letter and have his own space without someone squashing into him!!no one, even the ones moaning about being rude to fat people would put up with it as its invasion of personal space, they both paid to travel, the price of one seat but he took up a seat and a half!!

  30. It’s not the fat blokes fault….. after all, he cant help it if his mouth hole is bigger than his bum hole can he… LoLoLoL

  31. This is seriously so offensive. To think that this letter would get you anywhere shows a lack of intelligence. Show a little empathy to the man who already knows he is an inconvenience to those around him. He, too, is trying to get somewhere and should be treated with the same respect that any other person on that plane expects to receive. This man is not seriously trying to get anything from the airline, but instead would rather make a mockery of someone. Obesity is a sickness, much like alcoholism or being addicted to drugs. You are not the first person to sit next to a large person and you certainly won’t be the last. But perhaps you could be the first person to not make that person feel like a piece of shit.

    • If the flight attendants hadn’t treated the writer as a piece of shit, none of this would have ever come to light.
      If the airline company had been more aware of any possible situations arising out of the size of this particular client, no one would have had anything to complain about.

  32. Im like 9 1/2 Stone never will be fat. when i see someone that fat i stop and stare and judge them negatively, but the guy who wrote the letter is a fucking prick.

    Put yourself in the fat blokes perspective you twat. Being in a plain surrounded by all thows people totally aware of your weight and being judged by all the people in close proximity. Aware of your impact on the people sat near you and next to you. to the person who wrote the letter Have some respect deal with it, and shut up. Your not funny, just a low life prick.

    • ?? You call someone a twat and continue with “Being in a plain” “all thows”. Couldn’t stop laughing.
      “Aware of your impact on the people sat near you and next to you”.
      If that was the case wouldn’t the writer of the letter make some mention of some form of communication between the two regarding the situation at hand?

  33. I really have to join the rant on this subject asI totally agree. If a passenger is unable to keep their body in one seat they should be made to pay for two. I had a similar experience. It started at the check out where i was charged extortionate prices for the 5 kgs excess luggage i had in my suit case. However the fatty (yes i understand this might not be politically correct, but lets face it he was fat, therefore a fatty) next to me who’s body was easily 40 kgs heavier than me and my luggage combined wasn’t charged a dime. I even said to the check -in girl, ‘will he not be paying for his extra weight?’ All i got as a reply was a smirk. Surely if i am made to pay for 5 kgs extra clothes he should pay for is excess weight as his extra weight is more likely to be a hindrance to someone when seated? Sure enough when i came to be seated on the plane he was on my row. He has the window seat, a poor girl was sandwiched between us and me on the isle. But because of this blubber butt spreading his fat self all over her seat she was forced to practically take half my seat. The air hostess was not at all helpful in the situation (for the girl) and both me and her spent the flight practically sharing one seat while he had two, one which he had not paid for, to himself. Honestly i feel air hostesses are embarrassed to say anything to a fat person, incase they get called fattist. So they prefer to upset the innocent party in this situation.
    I think in airports they should have an aeroplane seat by check-in, and just like you put your over head luggage in the basket to make sure it is under 5kgs and fits the size requirements, overweight people should be made to sit in the chair to see if they can fit in it comfortably without disturbing other passengers. If they cant they should be made to purchase another seat, or alternatively air lifted to their destination.

  34. I can’t believe the way that people are talking about the obese. Would you talk about someone who has Anorexia or Bulimia in this way? Hey why don’t we make a row of even smaller seats and make them sit there.. well if they choose to not eat anything and throw up all the time, then that’s their choice right? No, WRONG actually! A person who is obese is not simply someone who can’t be arsed to exercise and who stuffs their face. Most people with obesity have mental health problems as well as physical conditions that led to them to be in that situation. For example: take me. Now technically I’m morbidly obese, but I can fit into 1 plane chair and I’m simply 3 dress sizes more than I should be. I was sexually abused BADLY as a child. This affected me for my whole life. Despite having counselling and other help, when I was a skinny teen and the perv who did this to me looked at me the way he did one day, I swore to myself that I never wanted to be physically attractive again as I couldn’t bare for him to look at me in that way again, or do those things to me again. I started to eat, and over the years it became a sort of comfort – hey if I’m unattractive, no one will want to harm me right? Then in my 20s I discovered I had severe Endometriosis – I had 3 operations in 1 year, and 2 years later had to have more and this has been my life. Its pretty impossible to exercise when every 6 months or so you have an operation and new scars to allow to heal. I’m in constant pain, some days I can barely walk let alone exercise, and I have a stoma. Ever tried to exercise with a stoma? No I bet you haven’t. And I bet when you look at me and see that I’m all lumpy you probably think “that fat shit can’t stop eating” not that the lump you can see is actually my colostomy bag. I don’t understand why people have to treat each other this way… afterall, the Nazi’s started with one’s mans thoughts that jews were all greedy and had big noses… is making fat people buy different tickets, sit on different parts of the plane, and treating them differently not the same thing? We all have our own problems to deal with, it’s a shame that there are people in this world who seem to enjoy to ridicule others rather than to understand that we are all different.

  35. Whatever your personal take on this letter, (a) the guy quite clearly has a sense of humour and doubt he’ll sue anyone and (b) does the picture relate to this actual occurrence, if so I have to question the staff as to why the large person wasn’t given a seat where there weren’t gonna cause an obstruction to a walkway on a busy flight that may be needed in a hurry should an emergency arise.

  36. How is this letter even remotely impressive? The only thing he proved is that he’s an asshole who, clearly, thought about all of the most insulting things to say to a human being. Do yourself a favor, get your head out of your ass.

  37. O.M.G!!!!!! Get a grip people!!! Its all a p.r stunt or a fat agenda! Life is life and we are all exposed to the larger side of life! Regardless of who … where … why … when … or what this situation is …. its life! Nothing goes smoothly x …. and F.Y.I im a large lady x

  38. Hi, Jetstar –

    I’m 22 years old and will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in communication studies this May. I’ve worked in the food service industry, most often as a server and host, for the better part of seven years, and I am a top cold-caller for my university’s alumni fund center. If you’d like a competent flight attendant with exceptional interpersonal skills to replace your careless triplets and ensure your passengers’ needs are fulfilled with good manners and a smile in order to prevent further customer dissatisfaction as that illustrated above, I’d be very happy to oblige.

    Kind Regards,
    Kasey Edmonds
    ([email protected])

  39. In my mind so many of you are missing a much more important point…. yes, the fat bloke should at least wash his armpits before bording a metal container with a couple of hundered other people and yes…. he is a pretty sad individual but I’m much more concerned about the staff that is employed by Jetstar…. Jesus I would have punched their lights out – literally ! If that is a true description of thier behavour I would sue the airline for incompetence instead of fat folks. NATURALLY that poor guy should have been moved to another seat!

    I hate getting squashed between fat people on flights – especially because I’m quite a tiny person and I wish there was a standard for entering the air space but that would probably be considered politically incorrect as well 😉

  40. Ugh. Hate the fat shaming. Many obese people lack the ability to lose weight. It’s not merely a lack of will-power.

    At the same time, the airline is clearly at fault. They should have either offered the obese man a second seat, or told him he had to purchase one.

    No one should pay for a ticket and then sit in obvious discomfort. The writer of the letter was clearly wronged. We wouldn’t put up with that kind of inferior product or service under other circumstances. I don’t know why we let airlines get away with it.

  41. Of course there is a Perth in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (in Scotland) – but not the Perth referred to here.

  42. I just read that and although the photo does not go with the letter, but I would be complaining as well. If the big guy was sweating that much, he obviously doesn’t give a shit about his hie gene either if he stunk that much. When you go on a plane, you pay for a seat and to feel relaxed, you don’t go on a plan to have that problem for four hours. The staff should have had a polite alternative

  43. For the people defending the fat/overweight/obese man, listen…. The guy that wrote this complaint obviously had a horrible flight experience due to a fat, smelly man. You weren’t there nor did you have to sit in that coach seat next to this gargantuan/repulsive human being. I feel sorry for the guy who had to sit beside him than i do for the guy with obese problem. He should get a refund, i agree with what he said even though it was rather rude but hey, he’s trying to make a point for the airline so nobody will ever have to endure something like this in the future

  44. EXCUSE ME!! You’re just going to say eat less and exercise more?? So that must work for you eh? Because you are not clinically obese and never will be. You were born lucky. It’s fucking idiots like you who deserve to be ridiculed, not the people who are obese and struggling with their weight for an entire lifetime. How is it any different when you ridicule someone with a physical disability? It might be easy for you to lose weight because if you gain weight it won’t be to that extent, but people who are obese are like that because they have a severe genetic and clinical disposition to weight gain. And no I’m not obese, I’m a clinical dietician who is outraged by all this disrespectful idiotic garbage. Go educate yourself about obesity and then decide if you have a right to comment on someone else’s war with their weight.

  45. Hopefully he will one day grow to care for someone who has an eating disorder and he will realize obesity is never a choice. Maybe, perhaps his future kids or grandkids will be overweight and he will see first hand how public shaming is cruel and exponentially more selfish.

  46. What sort of a person writes something so incredibly disgusting and rude? Not only has he been entirely unfair and rude about someone suffering from a possible eating disorder, but he has managed to simultaneously be sexist and unfair to members of staff. To class this as “funny” or “greatest” is to do many people a great disservice.

  47. I know you all think that all of us Americans are brain dead, ignorant fat asses. I’ll agree with you to some degree. I guess what I’m saying is just try to not generalize all of us. Plenty of us are well versed in geography, myself included. I’m also not fat at 74kgs (yes I know the metric system)

  48. I have always been 110 and under. I think being obese is unhealthy. I agree with the complainant, but his choice of words in discriminating/criticizing his fellow passenger is crude and rude, and could have presented the situation in a more civilized manner.

  49. You know what pisses me off …… When traveling on a plane I can only take 150 kilos of luggage, for “safety” reasons, plus my self (10 stone) where as people like him take 150 kilos aswell as 30+ stone???? I should be allowed extra luggage!! And yes the fat man is very SELFISH for taking his seat after he paid for it and caused discomfort and injury to his back. Where I come from you do have to pay for two seats !!!!!!

  50. Chandler, I am British and you are right, the place is full of massive douches!!! Don’t see what the big deal is, he’s right and intitled to his opinion, stop the Chandler hate. Also just cos someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean they are wrong or that you can call them a racist

  51. If someone weighs 70kgs, and their luggage is 10kgs over, they would have to pay for having ‘excess luggage’, yet a person could weigh double that, and not have to pay a single thing… Who’s discrimating? Healthy weighted people are getting discrimated against, and have to suffer through something that should be a normal pleasant experience, especially when you pay for it.

    Whether it be a medical reason, or just because they eat far too much, I agree that if you take up more space then your own space, in that single seat, you should have to pay for another seat…

    This letter was writen to Jetstar (if it is a real letter), not to the fat guy who he sat next to. I think the fact that the flight attendee’s ignored his request, and let him suffer, when there were other alternatives, he has every right to be rude to them about it.

    Ahhh freedom of speech…

  52. I can understand by looking at the photo that this guy might be OBESE..BUT HOW THE HELL Is He 4 Times Larger Than any other person there? He’s not JUST FAT…HE’S a GIANT!!!!

  53. I thin the passanger is not wrong for writing a complaint. he was not being a racist. he wasn’t saying this to the man beside him. the flight attendents were in the wrong they should have stopped what they were doing and helped him. as for chandler Perth and Sydney are I Australia not in the UK. I am Amercan and it’s people like him that give us a bad name. not all Americans are ignorant fucks..

    • “he was not being a racist.”
      The obese/overweight are now a race on their own?
      Does this particular race have sub-races like African obese or Caucasian obeses?
      And sub-sub-races like Caucasian muslim obese, or Asian hindou obese?

  54. This was an incredibly rude letter, and posting it on the internet is a shockingly cruel move. It’s not funny or righteous to humiliate someone.

    The author of this letter reminds me of a playground bully, the one that ridicules the kid who’s different and never gets reprimanded by the teachers. The bully that never learns how to stop hurting people. The one who totals his successes by tallying the pain of his victims.

    Yes, the author talks about the HUMAN BEING next to him as if he is anything but human. “Beast” was the nicest word he used.

    Rich, your writing shows that you handle the flow and ebb of what you think is comedy very well. I’d say you’ve got at least a moderate amount of skill. But you are using these skills to hurt. And that should scare you. You’ve harnessed the power of the internet to scathingly dissect someone in front of millions. And though unnamed, they could still be located due to the scope of technology. And really, this person did absolutely nothing to you, regardless of what your letter claims.

    We are all praying that you learn to think about your actions and the feelings and lives and reasons of others before you so much as open your mouth, let alone release your poison to the interwebz.

  55. Wow, a lot of the language here and quit offensive but I must side with the fact that it is inconsiderate and quit selfish of the obese man to invade and inconvenience the other. He did not pay for the additional quarter or half of the other man’s seat, he was not entitled to it. It is his own problem he should have dealt with in accommodating his extra needs. I do agree we should treat the man with respect but not lie to him or lie to society that this is acceptable. The man’s stance is too judgmental granted, no one is going to listen to you if your too extreme. But his issue is serious. I think he should get a refund. But I also think he and the airline should have addressed the issue with the obese man. Don’t make fun of him, that’s cruel. Be realistic, he needs to know it’s not acceptable but in a respectful manner. This makes me sad. First that society is heading in a very bad direction with this obesity epidemic and second that we are not trying to solve it but choosing sides instead of resolution.

  56. Why is it freight charges for everything we ship are based on weight and size, except for people? Is it fair that a small 140 lb man that barely takes up a full seat is charged the same amount as a 340 lb man that overflows into an extra seat? Why not provide different sizes of seats and charge air-freight based on weight? That way everyone pays an appropriate amount based on how many lbs they’re shipping, and no one is uncomfortable on the flight. Win/win.

  57. This is a tremendously well written complaint. I understand exactly where he is coming from. To all the people commenting that he is discriminating, you go sit next to a fat smelly wreck and then decide. I train people for a living and i know that with enough determination and will anyone can loose weight. So get off your backsides and get in the bloody gym. Its not that hard you fat ugly stinking piles of crap

  58. Dude get over yourself, if anything you’re the one who is a fat fuck on the inside. Do you feel better bitching about how much better you are then someone? If you really feel like your above the rest of us, pay more then and extra $25 and fly first class, you pussy ass little mommas boy.

  59. Wow a lot of garbage status people in the comments. I wouldn’t be too happy myself under the circumstances, but there’s a line between being upset in an uncomfortable situation and just being a fucking asshole. How so many of you okay with attacking a person like this is beyond me, goodnight

  60. What a hoax. Ok let´s pretend this is real, then who took the picture and gave it to the offended man? It´s clearly shoot during boarding, so did the offended man hire a solicitor to take this picture to use against the airline in a court of law? No, it´s a fake story and a fake letter. According to FAA regulation it´s illegal to put people like, “Fattie Mac Fatburger” in a emergence exit seat, which it isn’t. You can clearly see that it is a regular seat since there are no over wing exits.

    Just google picture search for “obese on airplane”, and you will find hundreds of different stories, to the same picture.
    And don´t get me wrong I have NO sympathy for people that are overweight, none what so ever.

  61. I thought it was funny!!
    ys wrong in so many ways
    but so true!
    I travel alot and have been through similar things and I HATE HOW the workers dont care about confort like they should.
    not saying oversized people are bad people
    but come on!
    do some cardio and cut down on fat foods! do us all a favor please and eat lettuce instead of french fries.
    They might be loving and saweet but come on!
    its not our fault you cant control your eating habbits and careless about your body.
    health is super important and affects the wolrd in so many ways.
    so yes I hope this guy gets his refund back and naybe some free tickets to go on a nice weekend trip and big guy should start diet today and do the whole world a favor. yes this may be hard words and none of my business but come on, sometime syou just have to be a “jerk” it´s healthy in a way :)

  62. I don’t know what disgust me more, the letter itself or the amount of people who think this is funny. Let me say this: Never in a million years would I chose to sit next to this absolute prick Mr Wisken over the poor man laughed about by you lot.

    • I hope you do Aaron.
      That way you can experience what Mr Wisken has been through and that will bring the two of you together.
      Next, you’ll be sharing a salad!

  63. Anyone that don’t agree with the content of the letter obviously do not travel much, or have never had the unfortunate “privilege” to sit next to a very large person on a flight, let alone on a flight longer than an hour. It’s most uncomfortable, I assure you. Then they also have the “I PAID to be here” mentality. Yes, you paid, but I paid too MOFO, now get your fat chicken wings off of my arm rest and your right cheek off of my seat!

  64. Let me ask the Author of this letter, if your Mother was as obsese as this guy, would you feel the same way and write her a letter like this? what happened to Love thy neighbor??

  65. Its the airlines responsibility or it should be to ensure the comfort and safety of ALL of their fair paying customers. I know I would not be happy if I had somebody that large invading half of my (very limited) space for four hours or even for one hour and neither would anyone else and why should they? It is also a point of safety, if something happens to the aircraft and people have to move from their seats quickly then the people in the vicinity of the large gentleman are going to have their safety compromised. After all airlines are quick to tell you to not leave luggage in the aisles (rightly so) for this reason. Can you imagine if you were behind this man waiting for him to get through an overwing emergency exit onto the slide as fire started to engulf you? All you holier than thou lot on here would then not be worrying too much about his feelings if it were you… I have every sympathy for the man who wrote the letter, even if he could probably have wrote it a little differently and more “PCish” so as not to offend the moral high handed. I imagine he was not in the best of mood after his flight and after having no customer service whatsoever from the people whos job it is to ensure his comfort and safety. I too might have been liberal with my expletives….

  66. Why not just put the big guy in the seats that were free by the air hostesses? The letter said there were six free. Problem solved.

  67. I’ve sat next to an obese gentleman on a flight far longer then this, although, he wasn’t *that* obese. It was from London to Sydney (and back), he was actually a friend, but felt that he was entitled to part of my seat – and took offence when I suggested he pay for it if he felt that way. In the position of the OP, I would write a letter, but not in such a foul context. In the position of Jet Star, based on that letter, no I wouldn’t refund him and I would send a letter back stating what a pig he is for the language he chose to use.

    But yes, I believe the obese gentleman should have to pay for a second seat.

    • It’s the sort of think I could see myself writing after a really shitty flight, in the situation he describes. The difference for me is that I’d never let anyone see that letter, it would be an exercise in getting my stress out, that would be it.

  68. Think of it this way though, if the plane had crashed, would complainant be alive? The exta cushion could have saved his life. I know I know im going to hell

  69. hmm..this is interesting. Everything in this piece of writing is a reflection of what everyone else did wrong to you. How the man was obese how them girls were bad at there job.. how every then laid down on there seats so you couldn’t get sit on one..the sad reality little man is all them people are going to leave that plane, I assume even that obese man, untouched by your words and actions but you, you my friend are going to carry with you a lifetime of misery and hatred. your words have a negative life written all over them…but it will be everyone elses fault! ;)best of luck

    • “you my friend are going to carry with you a lifetime of misery and hatred”
      What a load of crap. Couldn’t you have come up with something a bit more poetic than this rubbish?
      In addition, with such an experience, however unpleasant, tell it in a bar (or other place of preference) two weeks later and you’ll join the laughter soon enough.

  70. sounds like a passive aggressive ignorant punk – most obesity can start as a comping mechanism – just like the drunk ass who wrote the letter. Each cheeseburgers or be a drunk? for some reason society frowns upon one and simply things its just someone wanting to stuff their face, when its actually not the root problem

  71. Wow, this is great. Let’s all celebrate what a hateful piece of shit this guy is. This is the ranting of a classless turd degrading another human being with 8th grade toilet humor. Can’t wait for the sequel when he sits next to a handicap person in a wheelchair on his next flight. Making jokes about disabilities and medical issues is such fun!

  72. omg i’m lmfao because off all the comments. You guys are even funnier then the letter itself. I love how all of you are ripping each other a new one. To be honest discriminating each other on every thing you dislike i is making my life a little bit better. I’m sorry if this offents somebody but you guys an girls are getting amlots of love hugs and kisses from the netherlands………

  73. Although I agree that the airline should have required the overweight passenger to buy two tickets, I think the writer is an insensitive jerk. He should learn how to make an argument without it being smothered in arrogance. It sounds like he probably had the same attitude when he was asking for another seat from the flight attendants and probably why they denied him one. I feel worse for the overweight passenger who had to sit next to this scumbag. I would love to see HIS letter of complaint- although I’m sure he wouldn’t have come off as such a baby about it. Rich Wisken needs to grow up and learn some decency.

  74. Ok this is an emotive subject, that much is obvious, but keep things polite people, please. There really is no need to swear, it’s beneath you. As intelligent people I feel sure you can make your point more eloquently. No offence

  75. let’s call a spade a spade…all joking aside and, even though it was a pretty well written letter…the description (although not matching the picture) paints an UNSAFE picture. there are many airlines that require a person over a certain weight to purchase a second ticket. “boo” to the airline for not making this person safe, which would require two seats. less emphasis on the problem and more on the solution would solve a lot of the stupid comments. but, hey, it’s entertainment and a distraction from work today…

  76. Personally, I can agree with a few of the points brought up by comments and some in the letter. Firstly I think the manner in which the letter was written was unnecessarily rude! Those things could have easily been said in a much more polite way. Secondly in reply to a previous comment by Liz, to say the person who wrote the letter is probably mentally ill is well, irrelevant. I myself have mental health issues it doesn’t mean I’m rude and ignorant! Finally I have to say, I do think this person should have had to purchase two seats, it’s not fair that someone else should have to be practically sat on for aflight

  77. That money he paid extra for the emergency seating should of gone toward the hippo next to him getting emergency liposuction.

  78. Yes, because life is all about you. No consideration, compassion or kindness for other humans. You only see his size how it effected you. You have no idea this person’s situation. If you would have asked for a seat change the flight attendant would have assisted you. They would have woken folks up using more than one seat for laying down and gotten you a different seat. I’d think you could have asked in the proper way yourself and succeeded. I guess people using 2 seats to sleep is acceptable to you and they should not be bothered. You sealed your own fate. And shame on you for not getting permission from the photographer for this photo.

  79. To mckiera, a voice of reason, and said without resorting to swearing or insults. You make an excellent point, shame on the airline, they surely have a duty to provide adequate and safe seating for all customers.

  80. I find this offensive and childish and feel sorry for the overweight person… His whole life is uncomfortable whilst this man simply had to endure a few hours of discomfort.

    I realise the overweight person is – if they don’t have a severe medical issue – to blame for their size, and yes they are eating themselves into an early grave… however binge eating disorder or compulsive overeating is no picnic (excuse the pun) and usually stems from deep set emotional problems such as the loss of a loved one. Watch any episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition if you don’t believe me.

    Don’t get me wrong – It’s fine for this passenger to complain he didn’t have personal space or comfort for an entire flight and that the staff were dismissive and downright unhelpful, but outright insulting an obese person and calling him names such as ‘Jabba The Hut’ is cruel and pathetic.

    Besides, I thought airlines had people that are obese buy two seats? Which is embarrassing enough for them in the first place.

  81. Nonsense. Obese passengers are legally not allowed to sit at an emergency exit and this photo has been around for at least a decade…

  82. This article disgusts me and irritates the crap out of me. Excuse me sir, but until I see you somewhere in Africa with no home, no bed, no food to eat, dying of starvation and AIDS, shut up. Not to mention the fact that they don’t even have clean, or accessible use to water. Let me mention one other thing too, guess what, they’re family is probably dying malnourished too, including the 5 year old little boy, who’s head is disproportionately larger than his under-developed malnourished body which might actually fail him causing him to fall to the ground and die today.

    Let me mention another comment, in your own country alone, the poverty rates are astonishingly high (higher here in America, but no poverty is okay), people don’t have access to healthcare, clean running water, HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN ON A PLANE BEFORE, probably lost a job, or a loved one, and at that their unemployment benefits probably ended. In fact,a child who is 7, and elderly man who is 70 is probably out on the streets panhandling, or trying to ration what little food they have to eat tonight, because the shelter they have is too full to take them in and feed them, or had to start turning people away, or there isn’t even one. And don’t even get me started with the race or gender card, cause I could go on that one all day about how people in domestic abuse situations might not even live to see daylight tomorrow, about how their child may not even see that. Don’t even get me started on people who are of different color, being denied of jobs, called horrible names, terms, treated like dirt (cause it still happens), and let’s not forget about the disabled, or people who found out they have cancer, Aids, were in a car accident, and can no longer walk, afford the treatment, only have six months to live, or what about those who are mentally impaired who get underpaid in their jobs significantly, cheated out on medical treatment and care including housing, and so on.

    I could go on, on, and on about this issue, over anything, to tell you how ridiculously, spoiled, and unappreciative for the things you have that you sound.

    But let me focus on one thing and one thing only, people who are obese, are obese for many reasons, reasons that could include genetics, disorders, disease, and some that’s just their naturally healthy body weight, now let me go on to tell you about the fact that he may not smell as great as the rest, well guess what, some people have a chemical imbalance that is hard to treat, this imbalance causes him and impales him from being able to produce a natural body odor that doesn’t stink. The treatment to fix this issue may not even exist, or be very expensive, or (I am not sure how the healthcare system works there, or if it’s corrupt) he is denied access to healthcare (if he’s not, maybe under the bar, he is being discriminated or told he has to pay extra). One more thing, I applaud JetStar for not requiring people who are big and beautiful to not have to pay for an extra seat like over here in America where discrimination for people who are bigger is okay and still accepted (when it shouldn’t even be tolerated, because rather than seeing him for his size, they see him as a person like everybody else. Also, let me say this, a great example of discrimination, flat-out rude, mean and horrible is a person like yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting and sending such a rude and distasteful letter to JetStar to complain to them for treating this man equally (like he deserves, like everyone deserves, and of course, I don’t know if JetStar is necessarily and equal and fair company, but the fact this man was treated like everybody else, fairly and honestly, to me, it shows great respect). People who are bigger have to endure discrimination every day, just like people who are Black, Disabled (whether physically or mentally), gay/trans, women, etc., and it’s never okay!. You should treat people with honesty and respect, no matter who they are and take considering into the fact that he is still a human being like you, like me, like everybody else, and deserves nothing less than your respect.

    Before, I finish, let me point out, that just like you, like me, we all have flaws, differences, and issues, how would you like to be pointed out and publicly humiliated for them? I mean you’ve gone to school, or at least been bullied right? Even if it’s indirectly? How did it make you feel? Sad, Mad, irritated, what? You’re doing exactly what you don’t want done to you right now, that’s bullying and discriminating, and whether it is done directly, or indirectly, it’s wrong. Any type of discrimination is WRONG.

    Lastly, let me point out to you, that YOU chose to pay $25.00 to sit near an Emergency Exit, you get what you buy. Also you could’ve sat in the back anyway, what does it matter whether the flight attendant said yes or no, idiotic people should not be dealt with (I agree with you on the fact that it sounds like flight attendants were rude, if it were me I would’ve sat down anyway and quit complaining.

    What you have to realize is most people never get to fly, not only that, can afford too, and you have to not just consider your feelings, but the others around you too. I hope JetStar thew out this letter too, because if you’re going to complain to a company, at least be professional, and serious about it. Using curse words, other distasteful language, offensive terms, sarcastic and snarky comments is never okay and is NOT how you get refunds.

    I hope the best for in your future endeavors on airplanes, and to remember that everyone is different and you need to be respectful.

  83. Liz and all these cray people defending the fat fuck: get a life. Own your destiny. There is no excuse for being this size, and being unclean. You ever meet an obese triathlete? No? EXACTLY MY POINT. Get your ass off the couch, run around the block and eat a salad. You have a medical problem? Then you CERTAINLY shouldn’t be that size, no matter what the excuse. You’re a ticking time bomb and I don’t want my tax dollars spent on your health insurance if you can’t even take care of your own damn self. Jesus people can be so stupid (and politically correct!). If I was seated next to that idiot I woulda given him a piece of my mind, and a gym membership so y’all couldn’t call me ‘mean.’ This namby-pamby society of ‘it’s not my fault’ really burns me up. OWN IT, FAT PEOPLE!

  84. I’m fat, and I have no problem paying for an extra seat as long as the practice spreads to other aspects of our culture.

    For example, since I don’t go to school anymore, I don’t want to pay for public schools.

    Since I don’t use (EVER) public health (which is charged to me in Argentina) I don’t want to ever pay for that again.

    Since every time I called cops they didn’t showed up, I don’t want to be charged for security either. I will handle that myself *pats gun*

    Since I have work, I don’t want to be charged for welfare.

    Since I rarely use other public services either, I want to be left out from all those. Simply don’t tax me.

    I don’t care about popular culture either, so count me out of that too.

    Better yet, give me a rundown with a check-list for all the little nuances of taxation, and I will select the ones I use.

    Also, airlines get some big bucks from taxes (on most countries anyway, that’s how they are able to keep the costs down), and since I’m paying my own seats, count me out of those taxes too.

    I would probably end up cutting down costs to 1%, since 99% of the time I don’t require the gov to babysit me.

    Once we get that out of the way, I can pay for that extra seat. In the meanwhile, shut the fuck up and smell the sweat.

  85. I’m FAT as F*** and I think this is funny as hell! Only difference is I bathe before flying anywhere. If you take this serious and are offended by it, you have more than weight issues. Oh…and for you other idiots that make stupid remarks about us fatties, stop hiding behind the keyboard or your gym membership and get an education. While you drag your knuckles and point at tubbies like us, we are taking over ‘Murica one cheeseburger at a time. I’ll make sure to sit next to you on my next flight to a conference, while you are on your way to see your family to ask for another loan for your pathetic life.

  86. I am a lover not a fighter, but what really fucks me off, If your just 1 kilo over weight they charge you, Why cant they charge over weight people that we have to sit next to and be uncompfortable, Oh and by way I was on a flight with JET STAR with the idontgivewashit triplets.Fly Qantas fly class, and when we landed we waited for 20 minutes for stairs to exit the plane, I just will not travell with a sub standaed airline that clearly doz not give a shit.

  87. I don’t think this is all about the guys size. If people want to enjoy their lives by stuffing their faces then that is up to them just as if someone wants to enjoy life doing lots of activity that is fine too. I think it is the airlines fault. They should advise people who are fat that if they are unable to fit in the chair without “spilling over” then they will have to buy 2 seats or may be escorted off the flight. They should give details of exactly how wide the seats are when buying the tickets. Btw I am overweight but can still fit in a airplane chair and I think everyone should have the same opportunity to have a comfortable journey. The airlines could even think about increasing the widths of the chairs for extra comfort but they won’t because they want to cram people in to make more money

  88. People can’t help it if they’re Fat. Everyone has Habits. And their Habit is Eating. Just like Some people have a Habit of being Assholes. :) Everyone will always criticize and judge others, but does it really matter, cause those criticizers are getting judged themselves.

  89. This is possibly the meanest thing I have ever seen written by one human being against another. Grow some tolerance you selfish turd.

  90. Airlines should be required to maintain a number of seats available for the large of body. They could cost more and also be available to others willing to spend more but not willing to pay first or business class. If there are no large people normal size people would pay extra. I know I would love a larger seat.

  91. The writer of this letter is a guy whose schtick is getting drunk, then blogging. So we have an alcoholic chewing out an overeater. Got it. Wouldn’t personally want to sit next to either of them, but probably wouldn’t write a very public letter humiliating either, either. Whether the fat dude’s weight is his “responsibility” or not is irrelevant, because the buck stops with the airline, as their policy allowed this to happen. Set a passenger width maximum, and problem solved. Attacking the guy was just a petty shock stunt. Which obviously worked, since we’re all here clucking about it. I don’t know what kind of human being the fat dude is, but I certainly wouldn’t want to know this writer, at all. I’d rather smell like asshole than be one.

  92. If I was the big guy and I ever ran into the snotty nosed weakling writing this crap, I would sit on him and fart in his face. I used to be obesely over weight and have lost 100 pounds, so i know how it feels. I have since lost weight and have kept it off. I know how it feels to be laughed at. The airline, should consider giving the big guy another ticket and ban the weakling for travelling on their airline for being an asshole.

    I do not think that an airline would allow the obstruction of the walk way as they need to get their beverage and food carts to other passengers, that is why I think this picture is not real. But even still, the snotty nosed weakling who wrote it, whether he was a passenger or not, still had to come up with this. And for him or her, get a life!

  93. Not only does the pic NOT go with the story for reasons already stated, it is fake. A plane will not take off if the aisle is blocked…

  94. I sat next to a big fat guy on a flight from DC to SF… I fell asleep on him before take off and woke up when we landed. BEST FLIGHT EVER, and I have flown a lot. This guy who has nothing but mean offensive shit to say should have bought a first class ticket or should stop complaining.

  95. It really sucks that this photo has been combined with that letter (bc the two are not related) especially since the extremely tall, heavy set man here (who towers over the others if you notice) is not encroaching on the other mans seat at all, he’s putting himself out in the aisle to avoid infringing on the other mans seat, which considering his options, I find is actually more gentlemanly of him than anything else anyone else has said or done in response to this ‘complaint letter’.

  96. Perspective is a virtue often overlooked. For all the people saying this letter is disgusting do you think he would have even written this if the cabin crew would have responded to his requests? I highly doubt it. Yes the way the larger than life man is described is quite horrible but maybe the writer is trying to get his point across to the airline of the amount of discomfort he endured during the flight. He wouldnt have written a word had he been offered an alternative. To all the people mocking fat people in this thread…..go fuck youreselves you horrible little cunts!

  97. First of all, The big man should of been moved to a different seat. Or as someone mention he should of had to bought a second seat. I have Never in all my years of being a Flight attendant allowed this, for safety reasons and how would we ever get that refreshment cart down the Isle, In my opinion this was staged and the man sitting next to him never wrote the letter, someone behind him did, because how on earth did he take that Picture! Just saying!

  98. Now, there’s just 2 things that I can just about this and thats bullying and hygiene. NO – I don’t agree with bad hygiene as it is a hazard and makes people ill especially in a confined or limited space and being there for a prolonged period of time, in worst cases a chain reaction of vomiting but though far fetched as aircraft environments are air-conditioned. NO – I don’t agree with bullying, and that the letter of complaint is absolutely full of it and is harsh to the extreme. IF ANYTHING – the person who wrote the letter stinks more than the whole thing or whatever he has experienced and does not have a common decency to write things a bit more appropriate.

  99. I Don’t like fat people to be honest. Eat too many burgers and they think they can sit in the disabled seats on public transport and park in disabled spots too. Fatnesses should be forced to pay for 2 seats on the plane, charged for every kilo that they are over their ideal weight, and also refused food for the duration of the flight. They should also be forced to do the safety presentation, as this may be the only exercise they do in their lives.

  100. This letter was the best i have read i would have literally thrown up being sick of the body odour of this disgusting fat disgrace human being how they allow this whale to use up a seat like that is beyond me health and safety comes in to mind obese people should be forced to use other transport like there beds thats where fat nasty people should live there pathetic lives sitting in there mess eating there life away until there heart cant take it and commits heart suicide i would have demanded i got moved from this man and demanded a first class upgrade otherwise a gas mask would have been required ASAP would like to know the outcome of this complaint hope it get put online for us to see lol

  101. logged on to this whilst flicking through facebook. regardless of the subject matter and the varied opinions, why are so many of you taking pleasure in slagging each other off??? you don’t even know each other!! Go out and get a life!!!!!

  102. I dont think we should abuse this man because of his weight, however, fat people have to take ownership and responsibility for their circumstances… If you are too fat to fly, and clearly this man is under normal circumstances, then you either dont fly, or you pay for additional seat space so as not to inconvenience others. There are many other issues with this mans weight and flying, not least passenger safety !

  103. guys, writer got dealt a poor hand on this flight,but he could’ve played it differently. Just saying. Go and sit in a vacant seat “reserved” for crew, no questions asked. Instead of wimping away from the ladies, he is a dumbass for going back to his seat. Prob saw the an opportunity for a free ride, and took it!

  104. I can get past the weight issue but there is no disease or genetic condition for not washing your ass and balls.

  105. A. I AM FAT
    B. I agree with this letter! Bet you didnt see that coming!
    C. It IS safety issue! Imagine trying to get past someone that big in an emergency? Trying to reach for your oxygen mask while getting smothered in blubber!
    D. All you skinny people trying to defend us fat people – dont. If the fat people are taking offence then let wait for it. What I can say is that fat people are rather ashamed of the way they look 90% of the time so they actually wont say anything.
    E. I am FAT so I dont fly!then


  107. What a jerk, a bully and someone truly without human compassion. While it is uncomfortable sitting next to someone larger, there is no need to treat anyone like that. The real disgusting human being is the one who wrote such an awful things.

  108. Can’t believe this man is being praised for this disgustingly ignorant letter. The entire time reading I was waiting for the nice twist where all the nasty things he said were actually just misunderstood. It’s so easy to judge people’s situations from the outside looking in.

  109. The complaint about hygiene is understandable but the way all of it was handled is absolutely not. Whatever happened to kindness?

  110. Have not read all the comments here. But re the obese person. Both the original writer and those that have replied have lost sight of what is important here. The overweight person may or may not be responsible for their weight issue that is not relevant.
    What is relevant is that the writer has paid for a seat on the airplane that is not fully available as it is partly taken up by is fellow passenger.
    If it was me I would have said this to the crew. “I have paid for this seat and it is not available. Give me one that is or I will be leaving this airplane. I will require accommodation until the next available flight and will be suing the airline for any other costs associated with non provision of service” If the pax leaving had a suitcase on the airplane by law it would need to be removed if the pax decides to get off. This potential for delay to departure will get a number of managerial staffs attention and will probably be all that is required to make an acceptable seat magically appear.

    Happy travels

  111. There is fault on 3 sides. Firstly the Airline for allowing this to happen and the flight crew doing nothing about it. Secondly the overweight person for not being more considerate. Thirdly the dude who wrote the critique for being so offensive towards the weight challenged gentleman. Solution,next time fly with a different airline, one that gives a crap about the comfort and well being of their customers.

  112. That’s an American Airlines aircraft. Me and the big guy used to work together at AA, and this letter is bullshit. He was the agent working the flight waiting for the row behind him to get cleaned from another passenger.

  113. The writer behind this disgusting letter should receive an ass whoopin beyond belief. I’m going to laugh one day when you get fucking killed for talking shit as you did in your letter. You’re a poor excuse for a human being, and a horrible disgrace to man-kind. You deserve nothing better than to rot in hell. He can change his weight, you’re just a sour little bitch because your papi stuck his dick in your ass, pussy.

  114. Both the letter and much of the comment appear childish and ill mannered. I looked at the letter as I was assured it was funny, I looked at the comments to see what kind of people would think so. Disappointing.

  115. In conclusion of avoiding anymore of these unnecessary comments my proposal is to execute all people above 150 kilos. All in favor?

  116. STFU and get over it! No one is gonna give you special treatment because you don’t wanna sit next to a large person. I don’t like sitting next to stupid motha f*ckas but I have to. I don’t like driving around stupid motha f*ckas but I have to. What makes you so special that you want airlines to ban obese people? Let’s ban stupid motha f*ckas. Oh, they would run out of business then.

  117. This is cruel. Yes obesity can be controlled in some instances but not in all. My sister has always been big, I mean I eat twice as much as her at meals but dont gain weight as where she eats average sized meals. I have a faster metabolism than her, and she has a thyroid problem that has not ever been able to controlled. So I am sorry everyone who is agreeing with this arrogant ass, should be ashamed. And remember karma is a bitch. As for the whole homosexual aspect of this posts it ridiculous, it is an lifestyle choice.

  118. While I think it is cleverly written, it is COMPLETELY insensitive to post this and put it on the web. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy being described and reading it. Do you people have no empathy? My heart broke for him at how the jerk describes him. I hope he gets nothing.

  119. So you’re telling me its too expensive for an overweight/obese person to buy 2 seats?

    Please explain to me how someone who eats 3x or more than a normal human being doesn’t have room in their diet plan to finance and extra flight.

  120. Not a jetstar plane? Well, I don’t know about that. What I do know is that whoever set this up must think the rest of us are fools. Who took the pic? Badly written load of cods.

  121. Jetsar?arseholes…what was wrong with relocating the guy to another seat. and the stupid cabin crew, just supports the sterotype “just waitresses in a plane.” what a bunch of brainless dickheads. I asked for a glass of water once and they said I had to pay for it. No more jetstar for me. The guy should have just sat there when the plane was unloading and screamed for an ambulance.

  122. HEY YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT IGNORANT FUCK!!!Did you not have the common sense to wait till you had to take the seat belt off to move one row back, it looks to me like there is plenty of available seats. Also, the dude is sitting half-way in the isle for you..HES NOT EVEN IN YOUR FUCKING WAY IN THE PICTURE!. The people in the airline do not dictate the weight of Americans.. Should you have a comfortable plane ride? In a perfect world, YES! should you get what you paid for? hell yeah! should you reach out your hand for every hand out you could possibly obtain?? FUCK NO, I SAY INSTEAD OF TAKING 2 hours brushing up on your vocabulary and trying to convince the world you are in agonizing pain, you should quite your bitching and accept that the world doesnt revolve around you. at least that guy was nice enough to have the edge of his seat rammed a foot up his fat ass just so maybe some d-bag fuck face wouldnt bitch about how terrible it was to travel internationally, you are pathetic.